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Kati Vasti Treatment

Ayurvedic Kati Vasti Treatment (Spondylosis Therapy)

Kati Vasti is one of the Snehna-Swedana Treatment in which medicated herbal oil is used for to carry out the process and is very useful in many health conditions. The Therapist prepares dough from special grains which is shaped into a small ring and placed on the affected area. This adheres to the skin and is then filled with heated, medicated oil. The oil is retained within the ring at a specific temperature for a specific time. This helps the oil to penetrate deeper into the tissues, softening the stiff and tight muscles. Once the oil is removed the therapist will massage specific marma points around the affected area to repair ligaments and tendons, followed by a localised herbal steam to deepen the effect.

Benefits of Kati Vasti Treatment

  • Chronic Back pain
  • Intervertebral disc prolapse
  • Lumber Spondylitis
  • Sprains of muscles around the backbone
  • Pain due to Osteoarthritis of the back bone

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