According to Ayurveda the personal constitution of a person or prakruthi (in sanskrit) is formulated by the condition of tridoshas at the time of union of sperm and ovum and It cannot be changed during our lifetime. Every person has the constitution with all three doshas ( vata, pitta and kapha) as well in different proportions.The concept of prakruthi or doshas makes Ayurveda unique from other medical systems. Also the selection of medicines or treatments for each individual depends upon their prakruthi or dosha. It helps in prognosis, diagnosis and prevention of many diseases.

There are 7 types of prakruthi, they are vata, pitta, kapha, vata pitha, pitha kapha, vata kapha and sannipatha (tridosha). Each doshas shows its own characteristic features.

In the case of Vata dosha, the person will show a thin body frame mostly with low body weight. Their skin texture will be dry, rough or even cracked. Hair also shows similar characteristics. Their teeth will be protruded or big with emaciated gums or cavities. They show small, dry and dull eyes. Nails are brittle, dry and cracked. Their food habits and thirst are frequently variables and they possess hard or constipated bowels. Vata persons will be physically very active and talkative in nature with quick responses. They show quick grasping power but poor retention of memory. But these people usually suffer from cold intolerance. Emotionally they are moody, fearful and unpredictable.

On the other hand the pitta person has a medium body frame with moderate body weight. Their skin will be soft and thin and are prone to acne and freckles. They show early greying of hair. Teeth are moderate in size with a yellowish color and have soft gums. Eyes are sharp and shiny and nails are pink and soft. Their tongue will be reddish in color. They possess excessive hunger and thirst and the bowel are loose and soft. They are moderately active with sharp and incisive communication with analytical abilities. They have a moderate understanding, grasping and retention power. They are usually aggressive, jealous, and impatient in nature. Also, they are intolerant to heat.

As in a Kapha dosha predominant person will shows broad body with increased body weight. Their skin will be thick ,oily and cool with clear complexion. Teeth will be strong and white in colour. Their eyes are usually big and attractive with thick eyelashes. Nails are thick, strong and shiny. They usually have stable food habits with scanty thirst. Kapha predominant people are lethargic in nature but have good communication skill. They have slow grasping power, but shows good retention power. They are tolerant to both heat and cold.

So which one do you relate to?

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