Weight Management According to Ayurveda!

  • Change in diet and increasing inactive lifestyle together have increased the chances of obesity in people belonging to several Asian nations. An excess storage of energy in the form of fat is termed as obesity.
    The cause for obesity can be mainly grouped into
    1) dietetic
    2) regional
    3) psychological
    4) other like genetic
    According to Ayurveda, a person can gain weight or lose weight based on the factors called panchamahabutha namely prithvi,ap,agni, akasha and vayu. The condition of weight gain or loss is mainly based on the above panchamahabhootha imbalance. Weight management in ayurveda deals more with the anavaha srothas (digestive system).The processing of consumed food and impact on the liver is anabolic metabolism, which causes the accumulation of excessive kapha and aama.
    Imbalance in kapha leads to weight gain.
    Build up of ama leads to underweight.
    The Ayurveda management includes specific Ayurveda treatments to increase the element of fire and decreasing anabolic metabolism. In addition to Ayurveda treatments, a healthy diet and lifestyle modification can be very helpful in maximizing the effect of the therapy.
    The Ayurveda provides remedies for weight management and to maintain health for people who are obese.
    Therapies like:
    1)Udhwarthana (deep, dry massage with herbal powder)
    2)Abhyanga(synchronized massage with specific oils)
    3)Appropriate panchakarma kriya.
    Recommendations for weight gain management(obesity)
    1) Avoid rice, refined wheat flour, fat-rich foods.
    2) Eat only when one is hungry.
    3) Replace eating snacks in between with fruits and nuts.
    4) Follow sleep-wake cycle regularly
    5) A deep and sound sleep for 6 to 8 hours helps to refresh the body and allows for effective metabolism.
    Ayurvedic management also helps in
    -inhibiting fatty acid synthesis.
    -reducing bad cholesterol levels
    -reducing food cravings
    improving metabolism
    Ayurveda provides herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle modification which will help in complete deep healing of your body which will not just help in the weight loss or weight gain but also gives a refreshing correction to body and mind.
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