Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a multisystem disorder with complications and the prevalence of which is increasing globally. Changed lifestyle, sedentary life, having a lot of junk foods, and weight gain are the main factors that are responsible for causing diabetes. It is a chronic metabolic condition in which the body is unable to adequately utilize glucose, resulting in Hyperglycemia and sugar in the urine. In Ayurveda the disorder comes under the section of prameha. Ayurveda describes the etiology, pathogenesis, prognosis, complications and management in detail

Presenting complaints:

  • Elevated blood glucose level in the last 4 years
  • Numbness of both palms in the last 1 year
  • General weakness in the last 1 year

H/O Presenting complaints:

A 58 years old female patient came with complaints of increased blood glucose levels for 4 years. Also, numbness of both palms and general weakness in the past 1 year. No history of HTN, joint pains, etc. She was on allopathic medication for 4 years and sugar was under control. One year before developed numbness in my palms. At first, she neglected the symptoms but later the symptoms get aggravated and her sugar level also aggravated. So she consulted here for better management.

Vital Parameters:

BP: 130/90mm of hg           Pulse: 82/min

Height: 158cm                       Weight:70 Kg

Ahara: Mixed diet

Vihara: No exercises

Appetite: Good

Micturition: More at night

Bowel: Normal

Sleep: Good

General Systemic examination:

Gait: Normal                    GC: Normal          CVS: S1S2 heard

CNS: Oriented to place and time

RS: NVBS heard                           PA: Soft, No Organomegaly


FBS: 172 mg/dl

PPBS: 210 mg/dl

Dasavidha Pariksha:

Prakruthi: Kapha vata

Vikrutha Dosha: Kapha Vata Pitha

Dushya: Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Medas, Sira

Sara: Medosara

Samhanana: Pravara

Satva: Madhyama

Aharasakthi: Abhyavaharanasakthi- Pravara

Jaranasakthi- Madhyama

Vyayamasakthi: Madhyama

Vaya: Sampoornatha

Pramana: Pravara

Ashtavidha Pariksha:

Nadi: Vridha

Mala: Nirama

Mutra: Ati (5-6/Day, 2-3/Night)

Jihwa: Alipta

Sabda: Sadharana

Sparsha: Anushnasita

Drik: Sadharana

Akruthi: Ati

Nidana Panchaka:

Nidana: Ahara – Snigdha, Kledakara and Madhurarasa pradhana aharas

Vihara – Avyayama

Purvarupa: Excess urination

Rupa: Excess urination, Elevated blood sugar

Upasaya- Less sugar intake


Samprapthi Gataka:

Dosha: Kapha Vata Pitha

Dushya: Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Medas, Sira

Agni: Jataragni, Dhatwagni

Ama: Sama

Srotas: Rasavaha, Raktavaha, Mamsavaha, Medovaha, Siravaha

Srotodushtiprakara: Sanga, Vimargagamana

Sadhyasadhyata: Yapya

Samprapthi Flow Chart:


                              Kaphakopa and Vata Pitha vridhi


                                   Shithilatwa of sarva sareera


                      Rasa Rakta Mamsa Medodhathu dushtiKledodushti

                                                          ↓                          Prabhtavilamutrata





Diagnosis: Prameha

Treatments given:

By considering the amavastha, srotorodha, avaranatva and aggravated doshas of the body, treatments are given as follows. Management includes internal and external treatments along with pathyapathya ahara viharas.

1-9 days
Snehapana for 5 days
Abhyanga and Bashpasweda for 3 days
10- 21 days
Diabetic diet

Outcome scales after 21 days of treatment:

Symptoms Before Treatment After Treatment
Weight 70Kg 66Kg
FBS 172mg/dl 130mg/dl
PPBS 210mg/dl 152 mg/dl
Numbness of palms Medium Low
General weakness Medium Absent
Micturition 2-3/Night 1/Night


After 21 days of inpatient treatment, the patient’s FBS and PPBS have reduced. Weight also reduced (4Kg). Advised her to continue internal medications, diet, and exercises for the next two weeks. She came for review after 2 weeks and her FBS was reduced to 114mg/dl and PPBS to 140mg/dl.

Ayurveda has a unique approach to Diabetes treatment which includes diet, medicines, exercises and Panchakarma procedures. and it works if you stick to them without stopping.

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