Parents Tips: Risk behind Childhood Obesity

Parental instincts always state that the kids should be well fed to maintain their health and body. However, it could go wrong if you confuse your love with food. With technology taking over today, almost every kid is addicted to their play stations, tablets or television sets.

With no outdoor activities and continuous eating, the child may be prone to obesity. A chubby kid surely looks cute but don’t let it blind you about the health issues and diseases that obesity may invite. Excess body fat negatively affects a child’s health. Curb obesity at a young age can set a pathway for a better lifestyle and health in the future for children.

The major cause of childhood obesity is parents. Buying them electronic gadgets or allowing them to eat fast foods is not a way of showing your love. It might make your kid happy now, but few years down the line, you might regret your actions.

Like adults, kids too need to burn the fats they are eating. Hence, it is extremely important that your kids indulge in physical activities. In adulthood, they could face health issues like asthma, snoring, knee pains, sleep apnea, Type 2 diabetes and high levels of cholesterol.

So, then comes the big question. How to prevent childhood obesity?

You can start with yourself first. Like we teach good manners to our kids to make them better human beings, similarly be a role model to promote about good nutrition. You need to follow a diet thus letting your kids follow in your footsteps.

You also need to educate them about the harms of childhood obesity. Explain to them what it means, the causes, symptoms, effects and prevention. Let them nurture the importance of nutrition, thus enabling them to make proper decisions about food.

Here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Maintain a healthy diet and meal plans for the kids.
  • To grab their attention, make your dishes look attractive and appealing to them.
  • Tell them to learn about their hunger and how to eat accordingly. Never force them to eat more.
  • For fussy eaters, know their preferences, or favorite items. You can make various versions of it so your kid enjoys eating more.
  • Switch off the television while eating.
  • Fast food consumption should be allowed once a week only.
  • Avoid beverages like tea, coffee and soft drinks.
  • Encourage exercises, outdoor activities, swimming and yoga.

Parents play a major role as far as prevention of the onset of obesity in children is concerned. Don’t brush it off lightly!

Let’s simply trust it works & put an end to childhood obesity!

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