Why is PCOS/PCOD Such a Serious Problem?

Complications, ranging from infertility to weight gain. Because this condition is often overlooked or misdiagnosed, it often goes untreated for years.

We think that the reason why PCOS is such a serious problem is because it’s not talked about enough and the symptoms are not recognized as major medical problems. When pcos does get diagnosed, its effects are usually poorly managed or people don’t understand what to do with the diagnosis.

PCOS Symptoms: Pcos symptoms include irregular periods, weight gain, acne or facial hair growth and fatigue among other things. Many times these symptoms will be ignored because they may seem minor and for some people, they will go away on their own without treatment

PCOS is such a serious problem because it can lead to infertility, heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disease and cancer.

PCOS is a condition that affects around 75 percent of women in their reproductive years.

PCOS can lead to health issues like infertility, mood swings, and weight gain. But with patience and a proper diet, many people with PCOS can learn to live with it successfully.

This article will discuss the symptoms of PCOS and how they can affect your hormonal balance. It will also cover the risk factors for PCOS in terms of nutrition, exercise, and stress levels.

How Panchakarma Treatment can help in Treating PCOS/PCOD

Panchakarma/ Detoxification can help treat PCOS/PCOD by regulating the endocrine system and natural balance of hormones. According to Ayurveda, women with PCOS have a specific imbalance of doshas or vata and pitta. Panchakarma treatment helps regulate this imbalance as well as address the effects of chronic conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

The treatments can also help reduce inflammation in the body which is something that those with PCOS often struggle with due to their weight gain and excess body fat deposits.

Panchakarma therapies help treat other symptoms such as infertility, excess hair

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