Agni’s Weight Loss Mantra

The mantra is that there is no mantra. Often people ask us how is Agni different from any other wellness clinics and what is the difference with our line of therapies for weight loss. And the most important and common concern is whether they would have to starve or be on soups and salads for 15 days.

Our approach for any health requirement is aiming at root cause analysis and curating root cause solution

  •  Weight gain is a result of slow and sluggish metabolism caused due to multiple factors such as irregular food timings, sleep disorder, stress, unhealthy food habits, lack of exercise and many more. 
  • Weight gain many times is a secondary illness caused by an underlying primary ailment that needs to be addressed. 

We study your past and present health and then plan your gut cleanse (virechana) and colon cleanse (vasti) method and formulations to be used will all be personalized and customized.

 Before a detox just like any surgery we too have pre-operative procedures which include  Ruksha (dry) therapies which means treatments without oil such as Udwartanam/Gharshanam  (powder massages), Dhanyamladhara/Kashaya dhara (decoction dharas) and Choorna Kizhi/Avi Kizhi (medicated powder potali massage).  Ruksha therapies are done to bring down the deep seated and superficial inflammations and water retention of your body which is then followed by internal and external oleation through Abhyangam (oil massage) and Snehapanam (consumption of medicated ghee) in graded doses which is strictly done as per consultation and daily monitoring. This process aims at correcting your core metabolic issue and this way your weight loss is sustainable. We do not believe in starving or depriving you of your normal routine to make you lose weight as once you enter your regular life you will gain double the weight you have lost. 

This entire process of gut and colon cleansing is accompanied by a variety of therapeutic massages which are all prescribed and planned according to your health concerns. Easily digestible food and a diet which can be followed easily at home is recommended by us. You need your roti, dal, sabzi and chawal but we teach you how to choose healthy. We give you healthy and delicious food that will satisfy your stomach and soul and meets your nutritional needs. We believe that a diet should be such that you can follow for 4-5 years and not 45 days. 

Yoga, pranayama and meditation play a huge role in your weight management. With a combination of panchakarma, herbal medication, healthy filling food, lifestyle correction, yoga you holistically manage your fitness in a sustainable manner. 

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