Is your skin talking to you?


You might have no idea, but your body communicates with you in numerous ways. But the main question here is, ‘Are you listening?’


Today, we wish to discuss about what your skin is trying to tell you and how to decode it. Various skin troubles are one way the body communicates internal disorders and issues. So instead of picking up a harsh exfoliator or some rash cream to treat the skin problems, let us try to learn about it skin deep.

Here are three common problems your skin suffer from:

  1. Congested forehead

Acne, tiny bumps, wrinkles.. if you spot all this on your forehead, then it only means stress. The forehead is the Vata portion of the face, and anxiety or stress is a typical Vata imbalance. This type of acne can also indicate dehydration and/or constipation (the colon and intestines are also governed by Vata). To flush out all the toxins, you need to drink more water. Also, find your own way to deal with stress. Try Ayurvedic Beauty Treatment to remove Wrinkles.


  1. Cystic acne


Pimples found around the jawline or cheeks sit deep under the skin. Also, they take longer to heal and leave marks on your skin after they are gone. This type of acne indicates hormonal imbalance. The lower third of the face is the Kapha region, and the fluid-retaining, swollen characteristics of these pimples reflect the qualities of Kapha. To avoid this, you need to follow a refined lifestyle and diet. Eliminate sugar, carbs, fats, alcohol and caffeine. Sleep and exercise are also important.


  1. Acne around mouth and nose


These are red and pus-filled acne that is usually found around the mouth and nose. According to Ayurveda, this area corresponds to the stomach and digestion. If your stomach acid is low and your food isn’t digesting properly, then try taking digestive enzymes or take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before meals. For best results, add more green leafy veggies in your diet.


Beauty is being the best possible version of you on the inside and out. The Best Foundation you can wear is glowing healthy skin. So, invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time.

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