Fomentation or sudation is a treatment practice in which sweating is induced by the use of heat. There are different types of fomentation techniques through which the perspiration gets enhanced.

Scientifically when the atmospheric or surrounding temperature is above body temperature, radiation, conduction & convection, and heat in the body get raised. So automatically the body tries to cool the body by evaporating perspiration from the skin. It helps in the expulsion of toxins or waste from the body & also provides a cooling effect to the body.

In general Steam fomentation helps in many aspects:

  • Reduces acne
  • Relaxes the muscle & joint
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Helps in weight management by burning calories
  • Improve metabolism
  • Clear the skin pores & regulate the temperature in the body
  • For steam or sudation purposes, there are many methods like steam bath, sauna bath, warm water shower, etc.


    “स्तंभ गौरव शीतघ्नं स्वेदनं स्वेदकारकं” (Charaka Samhita)

   As per the ayurvedic concept, Swedanam (sudation) plays a major role in the aspect both therapeutic and curative. While observing the treatment modalities which Ayurveda says are all based on sudation in different types. Nadi swedana, jentaka swedana, bashpa swedana etc. All the treatments consist of Sudation with or without Oleation. The swedanam therapy is thermal eustress. The heat stress eventually decreases the cardiac output, which sends stimulus to the medullary cerebrovascular Control Center which in turn affects muscle & skin vasoconstriction. This increases the internal circulation by which the cardiac output is optimized. This leads to perspiration as a result of Sudation. 

  Application of heat by various methods at a diseased site or throughout the entire body such that it causes perspiration is called sudation (Swedanam). Many are the means & methods. Heat can be applied directly (Nadi Swedam) or indirectly (Patra Swedam), it can be dry or wet, with or without instruments.

        It is usual to mix snehana (Oleation) & swedanam (Sudation) and to proceed with purificatory procedures thereafter. Anyhow, there occurs a total cleaning of the entire system by which those diseases which can be eliminated by these means can be fully cured.

      The entire wastes to be eliminated may be divided into two: water-soluble wastes & fat-soluble. By doing Sudation Treatment, the water-soluble wastes of the body are dissolved in water, propelled by the heat & brought to the nearest port for elimination. For fat-soluble wastes, the Sneha dissolves the wastes in a fat medium, these are propelled by swedana to the nearest port of elimination. That is by the administration of Swedanam, the waste trapped or localized in the body both at superficial & deep levels is expelled.

      Agni ayurvedic village offers an authentic way of Swedana kriya along with snehana karma (Oleation), which helps in opening the pores, by which the thermoregulation takes place, along with it clears the waste accumulated in the body. Its executed by different type of swedana karma like- bashpa sweda (steam bath), potali swedanam (choorna/ jambeera/pathra/ shashtika/kukkutanda/navadhanya/valuka/dhanyamla pinda), dhara (Dhanyamlam, Kashaya, Ksheerakshaya), local vasthi (Jaanu, Kati, Uro, Merudanda) etc

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