Beat The Heat – The Ayurvedic Way This Summer

Summer time is reaching its peak and the need to prepare your body to stay cool has to be a priority. Summers can be fun with vacation trips, but the harm and hazards of Summer heat should not be forgotten.
Ayurveda relates summer more to Pitta dosha ( fire element of our body ). Pitta dosha is more prone to get aggravated during this season. Even if Pitta is not your basic body constitution (prakruti), it has to be kept in balance by not letting the body get dehydrated.

Pitta when gets imbalanced will create an excess of heat that builds up in the body and mind causing discomfort & various different ailments. Imbalanced Pitta can emotionally and mentally represents itself as anxiety, impatience, aggression, hate, anger, irritability etc. Physically, an imbalanced Pitta creates inflammation, acidity, skin diseases, red eyes, ulcers, hemorrhoids and burning sensations.

But when a person has a balanced or controlled Pitta, it shows out as immense and positive energy, confidence, glow, charm and sharpness. Enjoy your summer with these qualities than with imbalanced ones.
Cooling therapies and Rasayana chikitsa play an important role during summer time. Having a sound sleep is also necessary to keep the mind calm and cool. And starting your day with Yoga and “Sheetali Pranayama” will facilitate the cooling effect of the Body too.

At Agni, we incorporate all these practices along with our special range of Cooling Ayurveda therapies. Abhyanga (Ayurvedic oil massage), Chandan Abhyanga, Ksheera dhara ( Milk Therapy ), Takradhara ( Sirodhara with medicated buttermilk ), Njavarakizhi( Potali of Medicated rice and milk ) with cooling oils like Chandanadi tailam, Ramacha tailam, Tungadrumadi tailam, Himasagara tailam etc.

Netra Raksha at Agni is a wide range of therapies for keeping your eyes cool during this summer. It includes Netra sekam( Eyewash ), Aschyothana ( Eye drops ) Netra pays attention to what you eat and when.
Above all, our digestive fire (AGNI ), is weaker during the summer season. Our practice of healthy eating habits will help to keep your Pitta stay calm.

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