Ayurvedic Treatments for Weight Loss at Agni Ayurvedic Village!


There are several complications related to excessive flab and weight. Deemed the result of an uncontrolled lifestyle to hormonal issues or Thyroid problems, obesity dampens the enthusiasm of people worldwide and hampers their lifestyles. Despite rigorous exercises too, the excess flab on the body may not disappear. Ayurveda comes to the help of those suffering physically and mentally badly due to these issues. Agni Ayurvedic Village believes in ‘Losing is gaining’ that is losing the flab is gaining self-confidence!

Their proven weight management techniques through medications and massages using herbal oils and powders have offered excellent relief to countless individuals from all parts of the world. Systematically done by experts in the field, the techniques adopted here not only helps  reduction of weight and respite from health issues but also helps in gaining stamina, restore confidence and reduce stress. Stellar results with packages replete with grooming for a healthier lifestyle make it easier for them to maintain one’s weight for years to follow. The treatments offered for obesity are through

o   Panchakarma ( For detoxification and metabolism correction )

o   Abhyangam ( To improve circulation in body )

o   Udvarthanam ( Powder massages which help to burn down fat )

o   Swedanam ( Medicated steam bath to remove water retention )

o   Choorna kizhi ( Medicated potli massages to break down fat )

o   Elakkizhi ( Herbal poultices to strengthen the muscles )

o   Lekhana Kashaya Vasti ( Medicated enemas curated for fat burning and metabolism correction)

Why Agni, for Weight loss treatments?

Agni is totally different compared to other weight loss centers as here we strictly adhere to the most traditional Kerala Ayurveda principles for achieving the goals. At Agni we do not starve you ( Upavasa ) to make you lose weight nor do we put you into just juice or salads the whole stay. What you do, has to be practical and things that you can, and will follow back after the program. Agni’s weight management therapies mainly focus on correcting your metabolism and helping you bring in healthy changes in your lifestyle and food habits. We believe and practice that the weight loss that you gain through our program is sustainable than just being a temporary process.

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