Every season has its own fruits and vegetables. And so does Ayurveda also emphasize consuming food and beverages according to the ongoing season. Seasonal Lifestyle ( Ritucharya ) helps to keep up a healthy balance of body and mind with nature. During summer, excessive loss of electrolytes and dehydration demands a good intake of healthy fluids.

Ayurveda advises intake of herbal drinks and specific fruit and vegetable juices to keep your body healthy and hydrated.

Try these 7 cooling Ayurvedic drinks:

1. Vetiver Pomegranate Punch: Khus root and Pomegranate….Best for a hot day !!! With a bright combination of sweet and astringent, this bursts with flavor. It soothes you mentally, calming your body and mind and balancing out negative emotions.
2. Sandal Lime Cordial: A superb blend to relax your body and soothes your urinary system. Keeps you away from urinary infections during this hot summer.
3. Bottle guard Mint Cooler: Relieves stress and keeps you fresh throughout the day. A must-try blend.
4. Buttermilk – Ayurvedic buttermilk or Takra cools you to the core. Highly recommended for the summer heat. It is light and easy to digest and keeps you fresh and hydrated.
5. Cucumber Tender coconut splash: A natural and refreshing drink that helps in retaining your body fluids. Excellent to recharge the lost electrolytes and boost your energy.
6. Amla juice: Than just an immunity booster, amla is also considered an excellent summer coolant. Its coldness and soothing effect reduce the Pitta dosha.
7. Rosewater lemonade: This refreshing blend of rose water and lemon juice is fragrant without being overly sweet. It’s perfect to beat the heat and enjoy it outdoors in your lawn chair !!

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