Agni Ayurvedic village offers a unique traditional weight management and metabolic boost program. Our specially designed Ayurvedic diet and weight management therapies, mainly panchakarma will help you manage your weight and boost your metabolism. We offers the best Ayurvedic weight loss treatment in Mumbai. Panchakarma is a scientifically proven ancient detoxifying technique that is wisely tailored to cleanse your body.

We aim at guiding and taking you towards an enduring lifestyle change which will prove to be a boon to your overall wellbeing and happiness. Obesity is a lifestyle and metabolic disorder and we believe in treating the cause and eliminating it from the roots.

According to Ayurvedic science, the body eliminates its own toxins, but when we misuse our body by indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle, our body fails to do so. That being the case, panchakarma is of utmost significance in removing the accumulated toxins out of the body to bring our system back into order.
Our panchakarma therapies, medicines, yoga and diet along with meditation together will promote detoxification and metabolic correction.

Snehapanam, virechanam, vasti, udwarthanam, abhyangam and swedanam and other therapies will be sketched accordingly by the doctor after consultation. These therapies also tones and imparts lustre to the skin, smooth out wrinkles, countering cellulite and will give you a vibrant glowing complexion. Illness treatments are done with proper doctor consultation.

“Loosing 10kgs in 10 days is not Healthy”

Agni is totally different compared to other weight loss centers as here we strictly adhere to the most authentic Kerala Ayurveda principles for achieving goals. At Agni, we do not starve you with strict diet (upavasa) to make you loose weight nor do we put you into just juice or salads the whole stay. The weight you loose by such diet methods will surely be regained in double the amount of weight lost and disturb your whole metabolism. What you do, has to be practical and things that you can and will follow back at home. Agni’s weight management therapies mainly focuses on correcting your metabolism and helping you bring in healthy changes in your lifestyle and food habits. We believe and practice that the weight loss you achieve through our program is sustainable than just being a temporary process.

Weight gain gap pens due to a number of causes. Identifying the cause is the first step in the treatment for weight loss. Most of the weight loss programs fails in giving the sustainable weight loss because they fails to treat the root cause. Agni’s weight management program is oriented and prepared in a way that the treatment commences only after a thorough assessment of the person by our panel of doctors. We goes with an integrated approach by incorporating yoga along with Ayurveda. Customized diet as per the person’s requirements is served in the Centre and a detailed diet chart is given to follow back home.
We believe in sustainable weight management, i. e. the weight lost by our program gets maintained in the long run and helps with further weight loss back home. By our weight management program we aim at introducing a life style change that uncludes healthy eating and mindful regular exercise habits which makes Agni one of the best Ayurvedic weight loss centres .
Besides weight management, we also provide insight into the harmful affects of crash diet programmes. These programs completely destroy the person’s metabolish added with other adverse health conditions. Often people are unaware of the aftermaths of such programmes. Our prime aim being sustainable weight management with overall wellbeing makes Agni one of the best centres for weight management The dietary practices inscribed in our ancient texts are not well followed. We also introduce the concept of Ayurvedic diet along with Ayurvedic weight loss therapies. Besides the quantity and components of the diet, we also implies on the importance of the time to take and how to take the food which is often neglected. Yoga is another important part of our weight management program. Regular yoga practices along with personalized sessions helps people in adding yoga in their daily activities. We cover all dimensions regarding weight management along with best ayurvedic treatments and therapies which makes Agni one of the best Ayurvedic weight management centres in India.

. Non surgical approach
. Personalized care through the most authentic Kerala panchakarma therapies
. No strict diets, heavy exercises or any side affects
. Root cause analysis and customized treatments based on body type and doshas
. Focus on all round wellbeing
. Lifestyle change with healthy diet and regular mindful exercises.

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