PCOS is a worldwide spread health issue witnessed in women. Ayurveda has mentioned in its 5000 years ago health care system about PCOS, it occurs when a woman’s dosha becomes unbalanced.
This can affect the potency of her “Shukra Dhatu”, which results in an excess generation of male hormones. This situation can be defined as a decline in estrogen levels in women.
PCOS will quickly intensify into a dire scenario, touching women’s multiple sides of daily living and sustenance.

Doctors from Ayurvedic Village carry out everyday consultation for PCOS through ancient Ayurvedic therapies that embody Ayurveda therapy, Panchakarma (cleansing and rejuvenating therapies), yoga, meditation, and diet.

PCOS can be reversed with Ayurveda but Ayurvedic physicians also emphasized following diet and lifestyle, considering this, Ayurvedic Village’s physicians provide a diet to be followed for avoiding PCOS again in the future.

As PCOS is caused when women have “Kapha Dosha”, the natural diet suggested from Ayurveda studies is that the best precaution against the condition.


Precautionary Diet Tips against PCOS:


  1. Women suspicious of having PCOS should keep eye on weight. Gaining weight is one sign of PCOS, one needs to keep adequate levels of nutrition in the diet.


  1. Try to consume food having a balanced amount of organic dairy, fruits, and vegetables. Try maximum to avoid the intake of food made with artificial fertilizers. They can trigger the wrong hormones.


  1. Embody your diet with fruits, a fibre made vegetables and healthy fats like omega-three. Replace fish with sesame, flax seeds as a supply of omega.


  1. As per Ayurveda, deep-fried foods high in sugar directly worsen Kapha Dosha, after energy consumed from fried food, a sticky residue is left behind devoid of nutrients that promote decay triggering doshas.


  1. Monitor your daily eating habits, your regular intake of food might consist of lots of high sugar. High sugar intake can affect insulin resistance efficiency, there is an increased risk of developing sleep-disordered breathing or sleep apnea.


  1. As PCOS is mid obesity, consume high fat, sugar, and starch content foods at a minimum.


  1. Ayurveda encourages the woman to follow a high–fibre grain made the diet. This could embody specific ingredients like rice, whole–wheat alimentary paste, and whole–wheat bread. Choose grains cultivated naturally instead of polished rice.


  1. Fruits like cherries, plums, apricots, prunes, and grapes contain high sucrose but simultaneously carry the benefits of low glycogen levels.


  1. Legumes like Quinoa, Flax seeds, sunflower seeds, black-eyed peas, chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, pinto beans, and soybeans are classically astringent in taste and very Kapha-pacifying.


  1. Spirulina has properties to detox impurities from the body. Including Spirulina in the diet will add immediate health benefits.


An all-inclusive Ayurvedic diet for PCOS is prescribed in consideration of patient medical history and dietary preferences. We deeply emphasize through our therapies to include a diet that gives immense benefits to every side of women’s bodies and minds.

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