This World Ayurveda Day Embrace the Ayurvedic Way of Life


Ayurveda has been here for thousands of years, and was considered as one of the best ways to treat any diseases and lead a healthy lifestyle in India. Seeing the significance of Ayurveda in our lives we started using the values and ideas of Ayurveda in our modern world too. Here on World Ayurveda Day we give you some reasons as to why you should adopt an Ayurvedic lifestyle-

Mindful eating– The Ayurvedic diet focuses on eating whole foods, which can advance your overall health and boost weight loss. Mindfulness is a major part of the Ayurveda. Mindful eating highlights on reducing distractions during meals to focus on the taste, texture, and smell of your food.  We should eat our food without any stress or tension. Active mindful eating reduces body weight, depression, stress, and binge eating. It also enhances self-control and promotes a healthy relationship with food.

Eat seasonal and locally based food– We benefit hugely when we eat local produced or organic food. But what also helps is eating seasonal vegetables and fruits. Each season comes with its own abundance of food which is meant for serving a specific purpose. For example, Vitamin C rich winter foods like Moosambi or Oranges that help in building immunity to protect our body against cold, cough and other illnesses that are common during this time. Seasonal foods boost our immunity and help us from infections, allergies and intolerances which come with change in weather. They help us look fit and healthy.

Yoga and Meditation– Yoga is a complete exercise not just for the body but also for the mind and the soul. It is a form of exercise developed by Indians, who used to practice it to have long life, peace of mind and a healthy body. Nowadays yoga has received a lot of positive reviews due to its effect on the mind and body. Daily yoga can keep a person fit and active. There are reduced signs of ageing, bones become stronger and body is more flexible. It brings beauty, vitality and power.

Meditation is a form of breathing exercise helping in deep concentration. If performed correctly it can do wonders in soothing the mind and freeing it from worries, tensions and stress. It is a beautiful way to connect with the inner self. It brings peace and happiness.

Wake up with the sun-Waking up early gives you a kick start for the day. Besides allowing you more hours to work, it also increases your speed. When a person gets up early he is more energetic and takes less time to do any work. He is also more skilful in taking better decisions, planning and achieving goals. Also waking up early reduces stress. Waking up early removes the need to rush in the morning. You can then start your day on an positive note.

Sleep Early and Electronic free-Early risers often go to bed early. Getting up early is not something that should be done occasionally but it needs to be done as a routine in your life. This translates into better sleep quality as your body’s internal clock adapts to your new sleep routine. Also to induce better sleep it is important to switch off the phone one hour before you sleep. You can read a book instead.

Self-love– For many of them, self-care feels like an extra – they feel uncomfortable spending time on themselves or feel that they are not worth it. That’s why self-care has to begin with self-love – where you welcome the good and the bad of yourself. Try giving yourself a head massage or foot massage. Go out for a walk, eat what you like and mostly take care of yourself.

Simple practices of self-care and self-love is equally cleansing and rejuvenating.

The fundamental of living an Ayurveda-inspired life includes wholesome food, meditation, yoga, better sleep and self-care. With the Ayurvedic way of life, we can cut out stress, which is one of the underlying causes of health issues that people suffer in this modern world.

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