Summer camp hosted on May 2019 for Family which not only brought togetherness but also helped kids build a healthy lifestyle only at Agni Ayurvedic Village


Agni Ayurvedic Village had hosted a Family camp at their very own centre. The main purpose of the camp was to make kids learn, grow and teach them a healthy lifestyle. Family camp was designed for family bonding and fun. The camp was located at a picturesque setting that could re-energize the mind, body and soul to the fullest. Families described many benefits of attending family camp including positive impacts of the camp staff, reinforcement of good parenting and strengthening of good family relationships. Following are the impact of our camp created on the kids as well as their parents-

  1. Adopting a healthy lifestyle- When it comes to the lifestyle it will generally benefit the kids to cultivate good habits that not only make them independent but also disciplined. Kids here were taught how to start their day with meditation, help their parents in day to day work, teaching them to do their own beds and fold their own clothes and basic cooking skills. Since we conducted a Dental Hygiene Program the doctors taught young kids the importance of brushing twice a day and cleaning their tongue. Also, free dental check-up was done for the parents
  2. Meditation- It is seen that mindful practices like Meditation help kids to focus, help in keeping off negative behaviour, builds up self-confidence, reduces their stress, etc. Basic breathing exercise like AnulomVilom was taught to the kids in the morning.
  3. Learning a new skill– Learning a new skill helps in building self-esteem. Kids feel a sense of pride for a job well done or the satisfaction of not just learning something but doing something new. We taught kids how to make breakfast, they learned some home remedies, learned to make basic ayurvedic medicines, etc.
  4. Yoga and Aqua Yoga– Nowadays kids lead an inactive lifestyle. They sit at school, sit down to do homework, sit down to eat dinner and then we sit down to watch TV or play video games. Physical activity has actually become a planned activity to force us to get out of the sitting position! Here in the camp we taught kids Suryanamaskar and introduced them to Aqua Yoga which was quite fun.
  5. Increase in Attention and Concentration– In our modern society, we have so many distractions it seems impossible to stay focused on one thing. Camping is a great way to escape from all of life’s distractions. And so we find ourselves able to experience an increased level of focus. Here we taught the kids how to focus through Tratak exercise where we place a candle at a certain distance and tell the kids to focus on the light. This not only increases their attention but also help them to concentrate.
  6. Connecting with Nature– Camping is a great way for families to connect with nature. Somehow this connection with nature actually increases our self-esteem. Being surrounded by the lush of greenery only increased everyone’s energy levels but also uplifted moods. We made sure that everyone gets to see the sunrise and sunset. So rather than receiving constant exposure to artificial light, it is better to get some natural light. Here we taught the kids how to plant sampling and how to take care of the plants.


We had feedbacks where parents were very happy with the outcomes of the camp. Children started meditating and doing Suryanamaskar early in the morning; they started helping their parents in doing basic chores, basically, the camp had a very positive impact on the children. We are glad to announce two more camping sessions this winter on 2nd-3rd November 2019. For bookings call +91 75066 50605 / 06 Or https://ayurvedicvillage.com/diwali-camp/




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