This Diwali Grow As a Family And Learn The Ancient Wisdom Of Healthy Lifestyle

This Diwali experience togetherness with Agni Ayurvedic Village.  We are conducting a Family Camp where the kids learn, grow and develop a healthy lifestyle. This camp is not just for kids but parents also will be rejuvenated by the therapies we offer. In this family camp you and your child will be taking beautiful memories, strengthening your family relation, connecting with the nature and giving your child a whole new experience.


Most of us have had the experience of wanting to offer the best for our children—whether we have the privilege of raising them or are simply fortunate enough to know and love them.


Ayurveda known as the art and science of living has a great deal of wisdom that is just as easily applied to children as adults. We Agni Ayurvedic Village is hosting a Family camp where we hope that this resource will help you to apply some of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to the children in support of their vibrant health. We have doctors’ consultation, therapies, activities and healthy food to offer. We have divided our activities into 2 days of fun and interactive games that will involve you and your child. It is like a health and lifestyle personality development program for the kids. Camping with family has many healthy life-changing benefits. Here are some benefits that can be experienced in a family camp-

  1. Family Bonding– People need to feel like they belong and spending time with family strengthens that feeling of belonging. Scientists’ have said that families who enjoy bonding through group activities will develop strong relationships and can handle stressful situations with ease. But more than that, a strong family bond helps kids to develop healthy behavior and better self-esteem. And it helps parents to feel more grounded and committed to their family relationships too.
  2. Creating Memories– Another reason for having family time is to make memories. Memories are the things we share with friends, relatives and each other. When we share our memories with others we also learn to connect with others. Most of the time creating a memory is all about posting a picture on Instagram or Facebook. But family memories while camping doesn’t merely picture in time, they are memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. Here not only kids will enjoy our activities but the parents will also be given some rejuvenation therapy.
  3. Learning a new skill– Learning a new skill builds self-esteem in two ways. First, the person learning the new skill experiences a feeling of accomplishment. They feel a sense of pride for a job well done or the satisfaction of not just learning something but doing something new. And second, the person who teaches the skill also benefits from increased self-esteem. They feel the pride of seeing their kid acquire a new skill and the joy of sharing their knowledge and experience.
  4. Connecting with Nature– Camping is a great way for families to connect with nature. When we go camping we have the opportunity to look into a scenic view, or quietly sneak through the bush and bird watch, or look up and see the stars at night. Somehow this connection with nature actually increases our self-esteem. Here we teach kids how to plant sampling and how to take care of the plants.
  5. Educational opportunities– For kids, time spent on camping is time spent learning, which is one of the reasons why our programs are so valuable. They bring out the camping experiences that are built around kids learning new things like meditation, aqua yoga, healthy eating habits, music therapy and much more.
  6. Growth of confidence– It’s important for children to gradually become more independent and confident in their own capabilities. One of the benefits of camping for kids is that it allows them to learn independence in a safe and controlled environment. Children become more confident as they learn new things and have first-time experiences.
  7. Importance of routine– As many of you who are already familiar with Ayurveda know, a daily routine is considered critically important for our overall health and wellness, and a routine maybe even more important for children. Routines create safety, stability, and trust for a child’s nervous system while supporting their physiology to develop healthy habits.
  • Healthy sleeping habits- Children tend to sleep more sleep than adults and while their sleep habits will change dramatically from infancy through puberty, ensuring that they get enough of it is critical. Develop as much consistency as possible around when children nap during the day (if applicable), go to bed at night and awaken in the morning. Here at our center we make sure that the kids sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 7am.
  • Healthy eating routine- Ayurvedic cuisine not only values a healthy and wholesome diet, but also helps to understand various spices and other ingredients that stimulate the digestive fire. Kids are taught to stimulate all 6 senses with every meal by introducing to all 6 tastes sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. They all have different effects on a person’s body and mind. Always prepare meals as fresh as possible. Not only is it healthier, it also simply tastes better. Let your child regularly drink warm water between meals. It makes the digestive tract stronger while a cold drink weakens it.
  • Healthy lifestyle habits- When it comes to lifestyle it will generally benefit the kids to cultivate good habits that not only make them independent but also disciplined. Kids here are taught how to help their parents in day to day work, teaching them to do their own beds and fold their own clothes and basic cooking skills. Since we are conducting a Dental Hygiene Program the doctors teach young kids the importance of brushing twice a day and cleaning their tongue. Also, a free dental check-up is done for the parents.
  • Diwali-kids-camp

You probably don’t have time to learn everything there is to know about Ayurveda, and that’s ok. What you can do is trust your own inner guidance as to what’s most important for the kids in your life. This is not about doing things perfectly. It’s about doing our best and trusting that that is enough. Celebrate your generous heart, take whatever baby steps you can, and know that children are naturally resilient. They are lucky to have someone like you in their lives, so approach each step with curiosity and wonder, and enjoy this journey with us at Agni Ayurvedic Village.

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