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Traditional Ayurvedic Treatment For Alzheimer’s Disease – Agni Ayurvedic Village

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disorder that causes brain cells to waste away (degenerate) and die.


Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks.



  • Age (above 65years of age)
  • Family history
  • Depression
  • Certain genes (APOE gene)
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Environmental factors


  • Problem with language
  • Repeating statements and questions over and over
  • Disorientation
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of motivation
  • Social withdrawal
  • Daily tasks are a challenge
  • A lapse in judgement and problem-solving abilities
  • Change in personality and behaviour


Ways to deal with:


According to Ayurveda Alzheimer’s disease is treated with Rasayana therapies and herbs along with inculcating certain habits that will improve motor and sensory skills like reading, drawing, colour therapy, music or playing an instrument, learning new habits will reverse or control symptoms.

Treatment for improving the quality of your life Nasyam, Abhyangam, Shirodhara, Shirovasti, Shiropichu etc along with herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Amla and other Medhya Rasayana herbs are used for treating.

Consult our ayurvedic doctor for more information regarding Rasayana therapies and medicines.

  • Detoxification:

Purifying your internal system and rejuvenating your mind and body with the help of Ayurveda and panchakarma is a very essential treatment to improve mental and physical being.


Staying healthy, proper exercise, diet, yoga and Pranayam along with Ayurveda will improve quality of life and will control the progression of the disease.



Empower the person suffering from the disorder by teaching yourself and other family member and friends how to support and accept each symptom and changes experienced by the person.


Small powerful changes in their day to day routine will help to improve the quality of life and help minimize the impact of the disease.


An unhealthy diet can annoy the digestive framework as well as cause sadness.

Incorporate loads of regular leafy foods vegetables in your day by day diet.

This will clean up your framework and enhance your mental wellbeing.

Pick foods which are high in fibre substance and make you feel light.

Nuts like almonds and walnuts are extraordinary wellbeing promoters.

Choose foods that are high in antioxidants like grapes, cherries, pomegranates, oranges, sprouts, leafy vegetables etc.



Sunshine helps in vitamin D3 production which improves your mental health and boosts mood along with physical health.


Keep your mind active helps brain cells communicate well and improve the health of nerve cells.

Colour therapy, art, other communication activities on a regular basis will help in the long run.

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