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Elakizhi helps to Manage Chronic Pain

Specially selected herbal leaves or powders are compressed into small linen bags and then dipped in hot, medicated oil and applied to the body or afflicted area. The ingredients seep through the bag and penetrate deep into the body to result in an intensive, heating and therapeutic treatment.

Also, know as Pinda Sweda in Sanskrit – Sweda meaning to sweat, this Elakizhi is employed to relieve many problems, including Arthritis, arthritis with inflammation, spondylosis, muscle pains, injuries sustained during sports or accidents, sciatica. It eases pain, reduces swelling, nourishes the body and improves blood circulation.

Beneficial For:

Spinal & Muscular Ailments
– Reduces inflammation
– Promotes better circulation
– Relieves pain and stiffness in joints and muscular spasms
– Improves mobility and flexibility
– Tones the skin
– Alleviates arthritis pain

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