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Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraines

Ayurvedic treatment for Headache

A migraine or a headache, which one is it?

You could definitely get confused from trying to differentiate between a migraine from a mere headache. But it is very important to do so, if you need to get the right treatments at the right time, which would only help you recover from these terrible aches in the head at a much faster pace. So how does one not get a headache from telling which is which? That’s easy. You got to know first of all know that all migraines are headaches but all headaches aren’t migraines. Migraines are a more severe form of a headache which happens quite frequently over a period of time that could last from just a couple of hours to even days, till it gets so bad, you finally check yourself with a doctor in the emergency room.

Each person who suffers from a migraine can exhibit different symptoms but the most common amongst them are vomiting, nausea, pain in the eyes, severe pain in one portion of the head and sensitivity towards light and sound. If you think you’ve been experiencing any of these, buckle up, cause you’ve been given a visit from the migraines.

Why Ayurveda?
It’s only natural that one would want to go the natural way to treat these terrible aches. Ayurveda concentrates on treating all bodily afflictions from the root through herbal diets, meditations, and yoga, through which the whole body and mind get strengthened. After all, has it not been said that most diseases are derived from our own minds?
Natural treatments for migraines

Ayurveda offers many natural remedies and treatments that could not only heal but eradicate all signs of migraines and other headaches. Few of the notable ones are as follows:-

Shirovasti– Shirovasti, a traditional ayurvedic treatment, is well known for healing all kinds of diseases relating to the brain such as throbbing pains, facial paralysis, insomnia, depression, migraines, etc. In this treatment, you would be made to sit comfortably in a chair while a leather cap is placed around your head, a strip of cloth is tied around the leather cap with an opening on top, tight enough to not allow any leakages but also loose enough to not cause any discomfort. Then a herbal mix of warm oil is poured on top of the head which is surrounded by the leather cap. This treatment would be repeated for a few hours for a few days in a week for maximum results.

Shirodhara– Another excellent treatment for migraines and headaches is Shirodhara, a treatment where a mix of herbal oil, usually consisting of sesame oil or coconut oil, is being constantly poured to a precise point in the forehead which is well connected with the nerves. This helps to sooth the patient in a very mentally relaxed state, releasing him from the pains of his head.

• Kavala Graha- This ayurvedic treatment also known as oil pulling is well known for its removal of headaches as well as bringing along certain benefits like whitening of teeth, detoxification and many more. The patient is made to take in the herbal oil, usually consisting of sesame oil or extra virgin coconut oil and is then asked to swish it around his mouth as one would do with mouthwash. After a couple of minutes, he or she is asked to spit out the oil, which has absorbed most or all of the toxins in the mouth, making him feel fresher and mentally relaxed.

• Sneha Naysa- The nose is considered to be the passage through which it leads to the head. In this treatment, the patient will be asked to lie down with their head slightly pulled back. A herbal mix of oil is carefully dripped through the nose and is then asked to be sniffed by the patient. This treatment is very effective as it clears the head from all the unwanted particles accumulated by the mucous and helps in migraine reliefs.

Mental stress is becoming one of the leading causes that leads to migraines and other headaches. It is important to note that in this age of information, where everyone runs around everywhere, not knowing where they run towards, nothing could be as important as living our lives with purpose, without the sacrifice of our mental and physical health.

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