Ayurveda improves mind-body health and mental resilience

Stress Management Relief through Ayurveda

Stop. Take a deep breath. And relax. Read slowly and carefully, grasping all the wisdom the following article has to offer. For this article is going to help you, counter stress, wherever you are, whoever you are, for your benefit, so that you could do much more, in much lesser time, without the need to become stressed.

When you read the passage above, have you noticed yourself become much calmer and positive in nature? If you didn’t, read it again very slowly. If you have, this is what usually happens with guided meditation, where the brain frees itself from its need to think logically and surrender itself to the voice of clarity that the guided meditation has to offer. Guided meditation is a form of meditation practice in which you are allowing your brain to be hypnotized into thinking and feeling the way the meditation was intended to make you think and feel, in a more calming and soothing kind of way.

Stress in the 21st century

The world we live in has been and always will be in a state of chaos, where our thoughts and feelings if not checked every now and then, can be influenced by the forces that surround us. And since we take up too much time on the projects we put up with in order to earn our living, we sometimes forget to keep our guard up against these forces. When these forces get to us in such a way that we feel it’s too much for us to handle, we become stressed.
Stress is a situation where our body and mind gets overthrown by the sympathetic nervous system in our bodies when dangerous situations arise. When this happens, our body and mind go from its normal functioning to a state where it’s either fight or flight situation. This could be very effective in threatening situations in our environment such as jumping from a moving bus or in a fight, where our mental and physical energies will be much focused for a brief period of time. But when stressful situations happen quite frequently on a daily basis, they tend to burn off so much of our much need energies on quite trivial matters, which would lead us to exhaustion.
Most of the illnesses and diseases that affect us today are derived from stress. When we become stressed, our stress hormones deactivate our immune system, allowing entry for various illnesses, diseases, and even cancer. Think about this, our bodies produce cancer cells every day but are protected from them with a very powerful immune system, but when we stress out; our immune systems weaken, making it less likely to protect us from cancer cells.

Ayurvedic treatment for stress management

Ayurveda offers many ways in which one can combat stress, guarding us against the stressful forces in the environment which tries to influence our way of thinking and feeling.
Ayurvedic treatment to de-stress your body and mind include:

Shirodhara: Shirodhara (Shiro-dar-a) is an old traditional therapy possess the ability to balances and stabilizes the mind. Provided to the individual to calm the mind, making it a right treatment for those going through run down, stressed out, and mentally exhausted.

Shirolepam: Shirolepam is an Ayurvedic treatment where only Ayurveda herbs are used in process of head massage, as a good treatment for anxiety disorders and other mental ailments.

Shirovasti: Shirovasti is used for the treatment of diseases concerned to the head, brain and neurological diseases such as migraine, chronic headache, depression, and throbbing pain in the head, hemicranias or recurring headache.

Thalam: Benefits of talam is good for people facing ENT issues, insomnia and migraine. You can achieve a relaxed mind, a calm state for your body and mind, it also improves vision.

Sneha Nasyam: This is conducted with patient laid down and oil is dropped in the nose. This process helps in preventing ophthalmic disorders, preventing ear and nasal disorders also preventing graying of hairs.

Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy includes healing treatment that uses ayurveda herbal plants to promote health and well-being.

We have more ways of tackling stress:

Yoga– A union between the body, mind, and spirit, yoga has been in known to have many therapeutic benefits such as becoming more productive, less stressful, physically fit and flexible, etc.
Natural diet– We are what we eat, a prescribed diet from your ayurvedic doctor could help you reduce stress levels by restoring all the deficiencies that you’ve been lacking in your body so that you can feel and be more complete.
Meditative nature walks– The therapeutic song of the birds, the delight of nature painting its art for us to see while breathing in air so fresh you feel as if you were reborn. There’s something about being close to nature that soothes us into a very calming nature.
Breathing exercises– Even taking a breath slowly and continuously slows down our heart rate and eventually our whole body, leaving us in a more relaxed and composed state of being.

It is important to live with purpose without sacrificing your mental and physical health, and these Ayurvedic practices will help you fit into the chaotic world without occasionally going nuts.
We at AGNI want to spread awareness regarding lifestyle change. We will guide and teach you a better approach towards life.

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