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Stay healthy in winter, Boost Immunity with Ayurveda

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Winter is coming, and it becomes a necessity to anticipate illness in this season, prior alertness helps you to take correct precautions to forestall diseases and resist arising toxins that can build up in the body. Toxins find their way in the body through foods, the air, and water. Our own digestive process, also known as “Agni” in Ayurveda, plays a lively role during winter.

Our body struggles to keep normal body temperature in the cold so overeating is possible due to excessive burning of calories, hence, a person might feel hungry excessively. Overeating can turn into poor eating habits, can dampen Agni, an individual can experience sluggishness, fat gain, poor sleep, and restlessness.
Ayurvedic Village believes in health care and conveys winter remedies which enable you to keep up with your normal daily routine, diet, exercise, etc. – most significantly maintain your doshas in balance to stay healthy.

Ayurveda classifies the doshas in line with their gunas or qualities. The qualities of Kapha are predominant in the winter.

During winter, the Kapha person feels quite indistinct yet Ayurveda tips can help to endure.

• Winter is near, encourage yourself to induce half-hour exercise every day in your regime, choose any option like yoga, running, tennis etc. Kapha should be monitored in initial days of winter to avoid colds, coughs, allergies, and sinus congestion within the damp, cool, serious weather.

• Be a morning person, Ayurveda suggests intensive oral hygiene an important aspect for health, start your day by brushing your teeth, and use metal tongue cleaner for unspoiled taste bud.

• Drink water every day to get rid of toxins from the body and to help with recovery from a chilly or congestion but avoid drinking liquid with meals. This kills the Agni, results in inefficient digestion.

• Grow your immunity. Bala, defined as “strength,” is the Ayurvedic word for immunity. Add milk to your diet to resist health diseases. One glass of milk with ½ tsp of turmeric powder to spice before heading to bed.

• Ayurvedic studies revealed remedies influencing to follow Kapha reassuring diet. Heavy, thick, sweet, and salty foods can increase Kapha. Kapha is nourished by foods that are dry, light, warming, stimulating, bitter, pungent, and astringent.

• Limit your intake of dairy farm merchandise throughout the winter, as they increase Kapha.

• Our body craves more sleep in winter due to longer nights. Try going to bed a little earlier, and you will wake up with more vitality and freshness but avoid feeding simply before you visit bed.

• It’s could be foolish practice to nap right after dinner, a meal cannot digest. This may produce ama (toxins). Ama buildup is an invitation to multiple disease and sickness.

A person’s body is defenceless to weight gain. An absence of exercise maximizes the fat amount in the body. Winter mostly make us vulnerable to lack of daylight. This gives rise to serious Kapha, a variety of depression will set into motion. Specific Ayurvedic methods will facilitate to restore balance.

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