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Padabhyanga a Mother of Ayurvedic Foot Massage


Since our feet connect the body with earth, it is believed that one’s body and soul are embodied in the feet. In Ayurveda, a foot massage or so-called ‘Padabhyanga’ is said to be regarded as the mother of all therapies.

Here are the few benefits of Foot Massage :-
1. Padabhyanga removes roughness, stiffness, dryness, numbness of the foot and leg, tiredness of the foot, strengthening the foot, offering stability to the foot, and it makes the feet more attractive.
2. Padabhyanga treatment provides several benefits to the body as a whole. It helps in improving and maintaining good eyesight, cures sciatica, prevents cracks in the foot, improves blood circulation, removes contraction of muscles, ligaments, and vessels of the feet.
3. Foot massage also heals the vital points in the body, soothes the nerves, relieves foot pain, prevents the occurrence of various foot ailments, and helps in easy locomotion.
4. It activates our immune system, improves hearing capacity, promotes sound sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, balances doshas.
5. Helps in alleviating diabetic neuropathy, cures headaches, activates metabolism, relieves hypertension, prevents the onset of degeneration.

It is said that Padabhyanga releases many blocks that hold back energy, which should otherwise be flowing freely throughout the body.

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