Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic treatment helps to relieve chronic Back Pain

Ayurvdic Treatment for Backpain

Vertebral Column is the basis of most bodily movements, so its easily affected by a large number of ailments. The vertebral column is a collection of 32 vertebrae. In between, they are the rubber-like discs. These discs help in supporting body weight, connect the vertebrae helps, in movement and also work as a shock absorber.
Chances of pain are more in areas of the back and neck where the movement is more.

Diseases affecting the back:
Diseases are possible to occur in many parts of the back like the disc, bones, muscles, and nerves. Heavy blow or ageing can result in degenerating of the disc, bringing the vertebrae closer. When the disc suffers from oedema due to any reason, the vertebrae look as if they have moved apart. This is usually called the widening of the vertebrae. The protrusion of the disc and its sliding can also cause immense pain. The wear and tear of the bones, spondylosis or arthritis of the joints, low density of bones, tumours formed them, all these are diseases related to the bone. Oedema of the nerves, disintegration covering due to diabetes or the likes, when the nerves wane due to deficiency of certain vitamins, all these can be reasons for back pain.

Prevention of Back Pain:

  • While standing, sitting, or walking, be sure to keep your vertebral column straight.
  • Make sure you will be able to lift the weight before actually lifting it.
  • Sleep on hard surfaces.
  • Eat lots of vegetarian food comprising calcium, vitamins, and leafy vegetables, lifestyle modification and exercise are the best way to prevent back pain.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking.


Rest is the main treatment for back pain. Massage using a ‘vatha pacifying’ kuzhambu and steam the area with water boiled with leaves of avanakku, tobacco, tamarind, erukku, and also have a bath in lukewarm water. Sleep on your back on a wooden cot, keeping a pillow under the knee. It is good that a person with experience slightly massages the area. If none of this brings any relief to the pain in two days, or if the pain becomes severe or if you feel shooting pain to the leg, it is better to take the advice of a physician.

It is important to find the reasons for back pain. Only a good physician will be able to advise you on Back Pain Treatment. Click here for free online consultation with our expert doctors.

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