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Safe ideas to Detox or flush toxins out of the body


Imagine having no Monday blues. Think about how good it would feel to start your week refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the next few days. This all could be possible if you commit to a full weekend detox to renew your mind and body. It is quite easy to incorporate into your weekend routine and you will instantly see magical rewards on Monday morning.

Here are a few quick tips from Ayurvedic Village for a detox that your body deserves.
1. Go vegetarian
We know weekends are all about letting your hair down and eating all the food you craved for the whole week. But for once, trust us and opt for vegetarian meals; specifically, plant-based diet.

2. Avoid processed foods
Packaged food items contain toxic substances like artificial colours and preservatives. So weekends could be your time to try your hand at cooking. It would be preferable if you eat home-cooked meals.

3. Ditch smoking and alcohol
We understand, quitting these habits overnight could be very difficult. But what we are suggesting to avoid smoking and drinking booze for at least the weekend. And if you still wish to drink up, try some Chia seed drink or green tea.

4. Drink loads and loads of water
Staying hydrated is essential to keep your body functioning at its highest potential. Take things up a notch and spike your water with some fresh produce known for their detoxing powers. Lemon, cucumber, mint, or ginger can all do wonders.

5. Sweat it out
Weekends are normally supposed to be ‘cheat days’ for those who regularly hit the gym. But we suggest you to continue exercising. If that isn’t possible, go out for a run or walk a mile or so because the best way to get rid of toxins in your body is by sweating them out.

6. Grab fresh juices or smoothies
You don’t need to commit yourself to 3-day juice cleanse where you are only allowed to drink all day only. Just pick your favourite ingredients and press them in a blender to make your own homemade smoothies. It will rejuvenate and energize you for the day.

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