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Build Immune System

So you have this irritating feeling in your throat, you are sneezing more frequently, your head is spinning and you feel your temperature rising. All these indications mean that you are suffering from Influenza. It could be a virus in the air or maybe just the time when people tend to fall sick more easily. However, if you are not keen on popping pills for something as common as the flu, then you can try natural remedies for your illness.

When one wishes to boost their immune system, Echinacea is the first name that comes to their mind. It has immense anti-viral properties. Tinctures made from the flowers and roots of this plant help the immune system combat things like colds, the flu, and bronchitis. For best results, take at night when you start feeling down as it is effective in isolating an illness before it spreads.

Garlic is considered to be even better than antibiotics because it lets the good bacteria in the body to grow. It invades infection as it is a great anti-viral and anti-fungal aid. Just chew a clove to fight off the cold and flu.

Though if not prepared properly, Elderberry can have adverse effects on the health; when thoroughly cooked it best desired against colds and the flu. It attacks the viruses by disabling their ability to bind to cells. This wards off the further infection and lets your immune system perform its functions.

St. John’s Wort
Not only works best for depression, anxiety or other neurological problems, St. John’s Wort works wonders in treating flu. It works by attacking the cell membranes that viruses shield themselves in while staying hidden from your immune system, thereby making them vulnerable so your body can heal itself.

Olive Leaf
Olive leaf, which is most potent when prepared as a tincture, is a potent anti-viral and anti-microbial remedy. The key lies in elenolic acid, which is a powerful component of olive leaf that destroys viruses.

The World Immunization Week is dedicated to spread awareness against different deadly diseases and how to protect yourself.

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