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Ayurvedic Beauty

True said that beauty is skin deep! Each one of you might have tried various treatments to beautify your skin, but have left with disappointing results. Have you screamed enough!’ and wished to adopt simple yet result-oriented methods for radiant skin? Well, the answer to your problems lies in Ayurveda. Although inexpensive, the effectiveness of Ayurvedic Treatment is immense. Since many of you don’t have relevant information on the same, we bring you Ayurvedic Beauty Therapies that you should check out if you desire for healthy yet glowing skin.


Lepam is basically Ayurvedic Facial. It detoxifies and nourishes the skin. It helps to remove lines, dark circles, blackheads & pimples. Done with herbs which make the skin look soft, young & fair. Removes suntan & dead skin.


If you suffer from skin diseases like psoriasis, rashes or boils, Snehapanam is the perfect treatment that will put end to all your problems.  First, medicated ghee is prepared by processing herbal paste, herbal juice, milk, and ghee. You then have to consume it on an empty stomach for 3 to 7 days continuously. The ghee lubricates all the channels of the body, including the lymph, and forces out the toxins from them, into the digestive tract. It is also a great reliever of mental stress. After Snehapanam, purgation is strongly recommended.

Abhyanga :

Application of oil on your complete body is Abhyanga. Skilled therapists rub medicated and warm oil on the patient before bathing. This process has been effectively treating people for thousands of years now. A 15-minute Abhyanga every day can do wonders to your skin. Not only it reduces facial wrinkles drastically, but it also helps hair to grow luxuriantly along with adding volume and glossiness to it.

Swedhanam :

This therapy is usually undergone after Abhyanga. Also known as Herbal Steam Bath, Ayurvedic Swedhanam is done with specially selected medicinal herbs and also includes many different forms of heat treatment. It aids in revitalizing the skin. The medicated oils promote the circulation of the blood and push the skin to get rid of the toxins thus improving the skin tone.  The patient is made to perspire intensively inside a steam chamber that promotes cohesion between cells. The steam, in turn, opens up the tiny pores in the skin thereby removing all wastes and letting the skin glow.

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