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Ditch Botox! Get a Perfect face lift through Ayurveda!

Ayurvedic Beauty treatments

Having a wrinkle-free skin! Isn’t it every woman’s dream? However, as we age, wrinkles become a part of us. So to get rid of them, the first thing everyone opts for is cosmetic surgery or botox. Also, there are many allopathic techniques to attain the same. But are you ready to deal with the side-effects it would bring? Can you be able to stick needles in your face?

Even if you say yes, we just wish to ask you, why? Why undergo so much of pain and risks when you can get a perfect facelift through Ayurveda. Panchakarma Treatment not only gets rid of the wrinkles but also restores youthful glowing skin.
But the best time to undergo the treatment is a monsoon, as the doshas are aggravated during the rains causing an imbalance in the body. Ayurveda helps to maintain a mind-body balance then proceeding to cure your ailments. Rasayana Tantra, which is one of the eight branches of Ashtanga Ayurveda, which deals exclusively with rejuvenation, should be followed.
Did you know how wrinkles are formed? Scientifically it is caused by a lack of collagen; however, in layman terms, sleeplessness or dehydration are the major reasons behind it. Excess exposure to sunlight and pollution can make your skin unhealthy. This encourages the ageing process to move faster. Along with that, the seasonal changes also induce wrinkles. When the climate is hot and humid, the skin feels sticky and the sweat released gives way to pimples and wrinkles. And when it is cold outside, your skin gets dry making it crack and sag. Also, unhealthy diet of oily and spicy foods adds fuel to fire. Chemicals like preservatives, dyes and artificial flavours in the diet enhance wrinkles in the skin.
Dietary tips to follow:

• Consume plenty of water, at least about 2-3 litres every day.
• Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
• Avoid sweets, chocolates, junk foods, fried, oily and spicy food.
• Eat a piece of ginger along with 2 tablespoons of honey daily to help skin glow.
• Drink a blend of pineapple and apple juice.
• Apply a mixture of sugarcane juice and turmeric powder on your face.

A right Ayurvedic practitioner and Consultation will help you on your journey to finding the state of health and balance. So, look nowhere else!

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