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Fight Dengue with Ayurveda

Dengue is a tropical born disease , spread by Aedes mosquitos . The incubation period of dengue virus over  humanbeing is 3-4 days. The symptoms are  high fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash –  known as Break bone fever.  In  Some   cases , the dengue develops into a life-threatening hemorrhagic fever, resulting in bleeding through nose, throat and gums. This infective condition will leads to reduction of platelet count in blood, blood plasma leakage and or into Dengue shock Syndrome.

In Traditional Ayurveda  dengue is describes as Dandaka jwara in an ancient text Madhavana nidana , with the same symptoms described above. it can be cure from life threatening condition by increasing the immune system of body with the help of  Ayurvedic herbal remedies such as:-.

  • Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables containing  vitamin ‘C’ ie. Avla (Indian gooseberry), Lemon , orange , giloy juice, ginger , cabbage, broccoli ,  Tomato, cucumber  etc.
  •  To contain fever consuming  green tea  by adding  lemon, dry ginger, cinnamon is helpful.
  • Consuming Food like rice gruel(Rab), rice porridge(Khichadi)is also helpful.
  • Drinking  lots of water  boiled with basil leaves, dry ginger, fenugreek is recommended.
  • Eating 1015 basil leaves by twice in a day- good to increase platelet count in the blood  and reduces fever.
  • Drink tender Papaya leave  extract.
  • Medicines such as  Amruthotharam Kashayam ,Chukkum thippalyadi gulika, sudarsanam tablet ,sudarnasavam, amritharistam.  It’s recommended to be taken after  consulting  registered  medical practitioner.
  • Ayurvedic village cure Dengue with Ayurvedic Treatment and give relief from this.


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