Enjoy the showers of Ayurveda at Ayurvedic Village

Just when the rain casts it’s foreshadowing, our hearts brim with excitement and enthusiasm awaiting the lovingly-enchanting drizzle that would drench us to the core. After all the longing and the ardent wait, the raindrops finally break through the dark clouds, showering it’s cascade and speckling the earth with its water balls, spreading the petrichor around and satisfying our minds and soul in true sense.

Our exhilarating hearts spring with joy, bringing in innumerable moments of happiness and pleasure, a child in each and every soul surfaces to the delight of each and every raindrop. This is nature’s unbiased gift that relishes every one of us, nature’s way of quenching the flaming minds and souls engendered through the mundane drudgeries of life. It is important that we acknowledge the diverse perspectives of the monsoons and regard it with its true worth. Among all the essential things that the monsoons bring to the surface of nature and civic life, it serves internal contentment to all of us and not just the Bollywood hero and heroines dancing on melodious tunes. And this contentment has the power to heel, our mind and soul, just like Ayurveda.

It’s really interesting to draw an analogy between the monsoons and Ayurveda, inter-relating its healing qualities, in terms of its essence and not just the physical recuperation. Just go and succumb yourself to the unmatchable rejuvenation- Panchkarma Treatment! Every drop of oil trickling down slowly in the centre of your forehead will touch upon every internal hidden ailment, caressing it and gently pushing you towards its spiritual healing, bringing in a mental elevation and finally making you transcend to the epitome and peace, calm and relaxation, just like the rains do to every mind and soul. Ayurveda serves more than just a healing process; it’s an approach that needs to be embraced and lived and needs to have its own rhythm. It’s a world of thoughts, beliefs and holistic science that needs faith, dedication, time and serenity. It’s almost impossible to imagine a space in today’s city atmosphere that would allow us such peace and tranquillity to permeate into the spiritual world of Ayurveda and enter its beautiful nature where one can have a dialogue with oneself.

If one intends to subject oneself to Ayurvedic spirituality and is in quest of isolation, ‘Ayurvedic Village’ is your destination. Ayurvedic Village, located in Morbe, Panvel offers a space that can allow us a short-term escape from the bustling city, inviting us in the world of Ayurvedic wellness therapies healing us from within. It’s a holistic wellness centre stretched across a vast piece of land amid greenery and nature’s beauty, enveloped by foliage and fresh breeze. Just imagine the view of the showering rains while one is being showered with the boon of Ayurveda- It’s true bliss!

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