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Asthma – Get rid of inhalers with the Specialized Ayurvedic Treatment!

The modern style of living has paved the way for many diseases. Different kinds of chemicals we eat, dust from machines and vehicles, water, air and land pollutions, all these increase chances of allergy and asthma.
Due to the same reasons, our body loses immunity. And these also become reasons for allergies and asthma.
Modern medicines generally use antihistamine medicines to fight against them.  But this only stops the body’s response to these allergies and suppresses the symptoms. By using these medicines you can only suppress the symptoms and not bring out an effective treatment. This only causes tiredness, drowsiness, inattentiveness and disinterest. And you are forced to continue using them. Try Ayurvedic Treatment for Asthma. Steroids, which suppresses the immunity, are the next medicines prescribed. They are the ones which result in diseases like diabetes. Using them for a long time damages other body organs irreversibly.
99% of allergies and asthma can be contained using Ayurvedic medicines without any of these problems. Along with traditional medicines, Veda also uses our own medicines and procedures developed here. Relief is guaranteed after consumption of the medicines for one week.


  • Try to avoid dust.
  • For perfumes and sprays select only those with natural ingredients.
  • Change the bed sheets and pillowcases every alternate day.
  • Dry your clothes in the sun.
  • Avoid food products rich in preservation, food colours and additives.
  • Learn yoga and pranayama from a Guru and do it regularly.
  • Eat Hot food.
  • Avoid cold water, cold climate and cold places.
  • Avoid curd, ice cream and seafood.

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