Ayurvedic Treatment

Thakradhara – Excellent for Mental Relaxation

This is a powerful relaxation therapy for the head and mind. In this therapy, buttermilk, which has tremendous cooling properties, is used as the main ingredient for the treatment. During Takradhara, a stream of medicine-rich buttermilk is gently poured on a person’s forehead. The Medicated buttermilk is a luxurious treatment, which calms the individual down. Ayurvedic Thakradhara treatment induces coolness to the brain, relaxes the mind, reduces mental stress and increases memory power.

Beneficial for

Lifestyle & Relaxation
– Relieving stress
– Reducing hypertension
– Increasing digestive power

Mental Wellness
– The slowing onset of Alzheimer’s
– Combating insomnia
– Fighting depression
– Alleviating anorexia

– Curing anemia
– Treating psoriasis

– Preventing greying of hair
– Improving skin disorders

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