Mukhalepanam – Best Ayurvedic Facial at Ayurvedic Village!

Application of an exotic, customized herbal paste on the face. Mukhalepam is a simple Ayurvedic skin care therapy which includes applying freshly prepared facial creams and massaging them onto the face. Mukham in Malayalam means face and lepa, lepana or lepanam means application of a paste. The exotic herbal pack contains different herbs made into a paste. It prevents aging of skin, avoids wrinkles and gives a good skin tone. It avoids pigmentation or discoloration of facial skin, and is beneficial in treating sun burn related conditions. The herbal combination is chosen after assessing the skin type of the person and the specific requirements.

Beneficial for Beauty
– Treating acne
– Combating Psoriasis
– Diminishing pimples
– Reducing marks on skin
– Smoothing pigmentation
Treating Arthritis
– Reducing swelling & pain
– Calming skin infections
– Alleviating skin injuries

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