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Pre-Wedding Detox Package

A wedding season can be chaotic meaning we are rushing to get the right outfit and the right shoes, splurging on jewellery and other accessories, but in the middle of all these confusion we should not forget to spend some on our health and focus on our self

In life we go through different stages, starting with baby, kid, then turning to teenagers, young adults and finally reaching adulthood. While going through young adult and adulthood we go through a lot of stress and tensions, balancing our college life, our careers and our social life. In between all this mess, we forgot to take care of our self, our health. And now when we are entering the most important phase of our life of starting a family, where we not only have to take care of ourselves but also our life partner while sharing the responsibilities equally. For this we not only have to be physically fit but also be mentally prepared. All the stress and toxins we have collected throughout our young adult and adulthood has to be thrown out if you want to have a fresh and balanced start.

Detoxification is the primary procedure of getting rid of all the harmful waste and toxins from our body. Digestion and respiration are two of the normal internal and external detoxification mechanisms of the body. This flushes out the toxic chemicals, pesticides, metals, and other impurities that enter our body through air, water, and food from our system. This time, do something that may somewhat seem old-fashioned, but is actually very effective. Let’s get back to our roots, get back to Ayurveda. Ayurveda not only targets to detoxify you from outside but from inside as well.

Also now days no wedding is complete without a bachelorette party. After the party as you struggle to get back to your regular eating and exercise routine, reality hits you when you start feeling heavy, exhausted, or bloated. Whether you drank too much or consumed too much fried food, it’s high time to say that you need time for a reset. You might not be feeling or looking your best right now, but luckily the damage isn’t permanent. You don’t need to crash diet or enrol yourself at the gym, Our simple Pre-Wedding Detox Package can give you the gentle push you need allowing you to reset your system and get back to a healthy and active life after all the overindulgence and all the toxins that have been sitting in our body.

Our package of 10 days and 11 nights include all the treatments and therapies, cleansing you internally and externally that will not only give a healthy kick start to your life but will also prepare you how to live a healthy and fruitful lifestyle. If you want to have an active lifestyle or a healthy progeny, then Ayurveda is the answer. Our Ayurvedic treatments can treat the women’s irregular periods and also help the man to increase his sperm count thereby raising a healthy child. Our package also provide beautification programs which will take away all the toxins that has been living under your skin due to the harmful pollutions. Come get yourself detoxified at Agni Ayurvedic Village. Book your package today.

Pre-wedding Detox packages

Packages (for Single Occupancy)

Duration Price(in INR)
3 Nights / 4 Days 27,600/-
5 Night / 6 Days 41,200/-
7 Night / 8 Days 60,100/-
14 Night / 15 Days 1,00,000/-
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