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All You Need To Know About Anti-Obesity by Ayurveda


Obesity is a state in which an individual is considerably overweight, and an excessive amount of body fat has gathered under the chin and on the belly, buttocks, and/or thighs. Though it is not a serious case in itself, it may shorten the span of life, as well as create decreased efficiency and happiness.


From the Authentic  Ayurvedic point of view, the key cause is found in the lifestyle and diet choices that disturb balance. Ayurveda views weight imbalance and obesity as something that should be corrected before it can contribute to other health problem.
Ayurvedic word for digestion and metabolism is agni. Agni, when loosely interpreted, means fire. It actually signifies something much more than just fire and includes the idea of an accurate and powerful functioning intelligence. Agni has amazing transformative qualities. All the food we take in must be transformed into that which can be made useful by the body (nutrients) and that which is not required (waste). The nutrients, or most refined products of our agni, are used to create the body’s tissues (dhatus).


Hydrate with Water:

According to Ayurveda, warm water is a natural detoxifier. Warm water cleanup impurities as it travels through over-taxed digestive system, sweeping away molecules left behind from partly digested food that could be slowing down what nature planned to be an enviably swift metabolic rate. Replacing sugary beverages like soda and fruit juices with the clear warm water automatically reduces number of calories per day. Cold drinks cause the muscles and blood vessels in gastrointestinal tract to freeze and in turn vitiate digestive fire, which leads slumberous digestion. Warm water, on the other hand, relaxes the muscles and dilates the blood vessels. Dilation of blood vessels allows the digestion and absorption of the contents of the meal to occur more efficiently.

Sipping water during meal is ideal. It helps digestion, absorption and dhatu building. The rule of thumb is drink 1/4th of capacity of the stomach while eating. Drinking water before meal will dilute agni, which will hinder digestion and lead to weakness. Drinking water right after meal will increase Kapha, causing weight gain. Ideal time to drink water is right after waking up in the morning and one hour before and one hour after each meal.

Drink a cup of Hot water with a teaspoon Honey and 10 drops of lime juice added whenever feel hungry will be a good substitute for eating and will help to melt the fat.

Mindful Eating:

It is observed that people who eat quickly are three times more likely to be obese than those who take their time. While eating zoning out, watching TV, talking, driving and multi-tasking erode the digestive process and counteract the effort to lose weight. Mindful eating means it is about being conscious and present while eating. When food is eaten mindfully, the brain sees, tastes, smell and feels and sends signals to the stomach to release enzymes and juices to digest the food. According to Ayurveda, you are not what you eat but what you digest.

In order to lose weight and reach optimal level of agni it is important to avoid the following:

  • Avoid Overeating and/or eating heavy foods in large quantities
  • Avoid tamasic foods: Leftovers, processed, canned foods, fast or food with additives and colourings
  • Avoid ice cold water and drinks and cold foods
  • Quit drinking alcohol and smoking
  • Avoid cruciferous vegetables, fried foods and heavy foods
  • Do not talk or laugh while eating. Do not eat on the run or while watching TV

In order to be healthy and increase the digestive power (Agni) while losing weight, the following steps should be followed:

  • Vata – Vata reducing herbs, diet and lifestyle, complex carbohydrates (whole grains and starchy vegetables), avoidance of refined sugar, fewer hot spices and more sweet digestives like cardamom, coriander, brahmi, jatamanshi, and ashwagandha calm the mind. Guggul helps cleanse and warm the body.
  • Pitta – Pitta reducing foods, avoiding meat, fish oily, greasy, or fried foods, sugars, and desserts. Raw salads, green herbs, and chlorophyll, digestive bitters and bitter laxatives are the best foods to reduce weight loss  and counter sugar addiction. Herbs include aloe vera gel, katuka, and turmeric.
  • Kapha – Kapha reducing food, avoiding refined sugars, salt, dairy, sweet fruit, bread, pastry, meat, fish, fruit juices, cold liquids, and oils. Spice teas, vegetable juices, steamed vegetables, beans, and whole grains are good. Suggestion includes less sleep, no naps, and strong, aerobic exercise. Hot digestive herbs like black pepper, ginger, turmeric, and trikatu burn up the fat and raise the digestive fire. Bitter herbs, like katuka, triphala and guggul, reduce fat and dry water.
  • Eat fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit.
  • Eat freshly cooked warm food. It will strengthen agni, digests food better, reduces excess Kapha and Vata.
  • Eat food, which has enough oil, and is moist enough (not fried). It tastes better helps agni, builds dhatus, and increases strength.
  • Do not eat food with wrong combination. E.g. Honey and Ghee when combined in equal quantities is poisonous. Mixing sour fruits and milk curdles the milk.
  • Eat only when you are hungry
  • Eat three meals a day and avoid snacking
  • Eat light meals for breakfast and dinner and heavy meal during lunch time, have early dinner between 6:00PM and 7:30PM.
  • Eat after previous food is digested
  • Eat with proper frame of mind – create pleasant environment
  • Eating sequence: First eat carbohydrates or sweet taste; next eat salty, sour, pungent and bitter foods. Finally eat astringent food.

Breathing and Pranayama:

Due to accelerated lifestyle many of us do shallow breathing. Practicing diaphragmatic breathing is beneficial. By simply observing the breath, we can be aware of what is happening inside. The more we become aware of breath, the disturbance, the negativity of the mind disappears and it becomes pure and peaceful. Bhasrika is a supreme Pranayama. It strengthens the heart and lungs, improves the digestion and calms the mind. Right Nostril breathing (surya bhedi) will also be helpful.


Certain gentle yoga asanas are helpful, including the Palm Tree pose, and the Triangle Pose. Also, while sitting on the floor, bend forward as far as you can, with the goal of eventually touching the head to the knees.

Panchakarma procedures remove toxins (ama) from the body & to normalize the Doshas – Vata, Pitha, Kapha.


Obesity is a common issue in India. It is mainly due to incorrect lifestyle, wrong diet pattern and lack of exercise. Above all, people do not have sense of self awareness. They are taken by external factors, by their senses and do not give importance for their existence in this universe. They don’t have mind, body and spiritual connection, and not even breathing right. Ayurvedic approach provides all the necessary tools to bring back health, harmony and peace in life. By adopting simple lifestyle and healthy eating habits anyone can enjoy the life optimally without much stress or expenses. Possible diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, and cholesterol can be prevented. So much healthcare dollars will be saved. There will be happy and healthy people in a wealthy country!!

Get in touch with us for your weight loss treatment for Obesity!

Tonsillitis- Remedies in Ayurveda !!

Tonsillitis is the one of the most common disease of the respiratory tract. It is the inflammatory condition of the Tonsils. Tonsils lie on each side of the throat. Various ayurvedic remedies available for tonsillitis are given below-

  1. Banafsha Flowers– Consuming milk boiled with Banafsha flowers is considered very effective for curing Tonsilitis naturally.
  1. Babul– The bark of Babul contains Tannin and Gallic acids, which are effective in curing throat disorders. The extraction of the bark is mixed with rock salt, therefore should gargle it for curing tonsillitis effectively.
  1. Agastya Rasayan-  Agastya Rasayan should be taken twice a day with honey for a period of six months. It will provide permanent relief and immunity from the ailment.
  1. Indian Solanum(Makoi)- The extract of this plant is used to cure tonsillitis and various other throat disorders. The plant is boiled in 2 liters of water till it is reduced to half. The liquid is then filtered and should therefore gargle it for treating Tonsilitis effectively.
  1. Fenugreek seeds- 3 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds should be boiled in water. This water can be used over the entire day as a gargle. Regular gargle is the most effective home cure for tonsillitis.
  1. Beetroot- Since Beetroot is rich in folic acid it therefore rejuvenates the resistance of the body to fight toxicity. Thus beet juice is highly recommended as it counters the toxic agents that cause tonsillitis. Beetroot is high in fiber and is also recommended, if tonsillitis is caused by constipation.


A right Ayurvedic practitioner and consultation will help you on your journey to finding the state of health and balance. So, look nowhere else! Visit Ayurvedic Village.


Can herbs help with pain management?


Popping a pain killer every time you have a searing pain in your joints can have adverse effects on your health. Perhaps you could follow a more natural approach towards soothing the pain. Herbs are proven to be beneficial for joint pains. Many natural anti-inflammatory remedies often contain these herbs as they are effective to help fight inflammation and swelling, especially in the joints and ease the pain.

Though these herbs help ease the pain, they don’t work like an immediate painkiller. However, they don’t have any side effects unlike allopathy medicines. Here are 5 herbs that can help you with joint pain.


This herb is to be taken internally as it is helpful for digestive health. Its hot and pungent qualities strengthen the body’s defenses in the GI tract and eliminates the natural toxins from the blood and lymph. It helps reduce excess vata in the colon, promoting intestinal comfort. Its detoxifying effects of eliminating ama (toxins) that leads to inflammation, which causes joint pain makes it an ideal herb to eliminate joint pain.


Ancient Ayurvedic practitioners considered Guduchi as ‘Amrit’, translated as divine nectar. It is one of the best herbs for balancing vata and pitta. Joint pain is caused by excessive vata. Even though it is quite hot, guduchi still removes excessive vata from the body.  Guduchi strengthens the tissues, bolsters immunity and promotes vitality.


Also known as Withania Somnifera, the strong anti-inflammatory properties of this herb relives joint pain, stiffness and swelling. It contains sterols and adaptogens that soothes adrenal gland fatigue. Ashwagandha helps alleviate pain in your joints along with removing inflammation in the affected areas.

Turmeric root powder

Known for hundreds of years for its healing properties, Turmeric root powder works wonders in gout pain treatment. A volatile oil in the spice is as effective in relieving pain, under laboratory conditions, as equal amounts of steroids.


Are you suffering from Orthorexia?


Did you know that the obsession to eat right can reach such dangerous levels that you could suffer from eating disorder, Orthorexia Nervosa? While an anorexic person limits the quantity of food, othrorexic is constantly on a quest to eat foods that are insufficiently clean, healthy, or wholesome. It often starts with eating the right kind of salads to achieve your dream body, but many a time, even you don’t realize when it turned into an obsession that is now beyond your control.

We list a few things about this disorder that people might no idea of.

  1. Orthorexia is the need to feel safe

People suffering from this disorder always need the validation of feeling safe with their food. They try to assess the food as their contents like macro-nutrients, calories, proteins, etc. Their definition of healthy eating is different and they constantly try to control their meals.

  1. It is a mental disorder

Mental disorders are not always visible. For example, depressed people put up a façade to hide their agony and troubles. Similarly, it is highly possible that you may never realize if anyone is suffering from orthorexia or not. But what’s more horrifying is that since it is a new term, many people themselves have no idea if they are orthorexic. Hence, the need of the hour is to create awareness about it.

  1. They can’t turn it off or shut it down

Just like any other mental disorder, people with orthorexia cannot just turn it off whenever they want to. So people need to understand the trouble these people go through. So don’t say things like, ‘It won’t kill you if you eat it.’ You need to be patient with your friends or loved ones who suffer from orthorexia.

  1. It initiates many other obsessions

When people feel they have no control over what they eat, it often breeds other obsessions that create a pathway to give them the desire to control their body. Many might hit the gym or start another form of exercise. While there is no harm in exercising, but putting your body through extremities as an alternative to employ control is equally unhealthy.

Dragon fruit – the ‘Super Fruit’!


Dragon fruit! Many have not even heard of this fruit before now. Grown in abundance in the tropical and subtropical regions of South America and Asia, it is one power packed fruit you should start including in your daily diet from today itself.  With yellow or red peel with green scales, it has many tiny black seeds inside. If you look closely, the shape of the fruit resembles a dragon, hence the name.

Also know as pitaya, dragon fruit contains around 60 calories. It is also a rich source of vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3, and minerals. Let us read the benefits of this uniquely amazing fruit.


Dragon fruit contains beta-carotene, a kind of vitamin that helps for night vision and colour vision for the eyes. It helps improve your eye health in a great way.

Nervous System

The fruit is enriched with Vitamin B and calcium that helps to maintain and support the nervous system. The healthy fats in dragon fruit are also crucial to help nourish and protect the myelin sheath which allows for proper conductive signaling in the brain.


Decreasing the risks of cancer, dragon fruit blocks tumour cell growth. It flushes out all the unhealthy toxins from the body since they are the major reason for forming cancerous cells in the body.

Anti  – Aging

High level of mineral content aid to reduce all those ugly wrinkles from your face, keeping you young. The anti-oxidants work as an excellent anti-ager that fight against the aging cells in the skin. The more dragon fruit you eat, the younger you will look.


Vitamins and minerals in dragon fruit elevate your resistance power thus helping you to stay away from diseases and infections. Since the water content in it is upto 80%, it easily flushes out the toxins, and ward off bacteria or viruses in the body.

Are you damaging your brain?


Answer this honestly: How many times a day you actually think about your brain? Though we use our brain for even the tiniest thing we do, but never do we give enough thought to that organ. Unknowingly, many of our day-to-day actions cause damage to our brain activity. Being the most important, any damage to the brain can lead to harmful implications on the body eventually.

So here is a list of your regular habits that are potentially damaging your brain and you have no idea about it.

  • Skipping breakfast

You are in a hurry to catch the bus or running late for a meeting, so skipping breakfast doesn’t seem like a big deal. But let us tell you that it is. After a long gap of 8 hours since the night, inadequate supply of nutrients in the morning can cause degeneration of brain cells.

  • Overeating

On the contrary, eating in excess quantity can be harmful. You should know how much your daily intake of food is and try to maintain that. Overeating harden the arteries of your brain that leads to a decrease in mental power.

  • Giving in to sweet cravings

When you run low on blood sugar levels, your body craves for candies or chocolates. However, high consumption of sugar can cause malnutrition by interrupting the absorption of proteins and nutrients.

  • Sleep deprivation

It is a common sight that you plan to go to bed on time, but end up surfing the internet till wee hours. But depriving your brain from sleep accelerates the death of brain cells as it the best time when your brains get enough rest after a long tiring day.

  • Talking less

If you are shy and face troubles while interacting with people, we suggest you start working on it right away. It is believed that intellectual conversations with different kinds of people and exposing yourself to different mindsets promotes the efficiency of the brain. It stimulates the functioning and thinking power of the brain extensively.

Natural Painkillers that you should know about


If we ask you to list the medicines that are in your cabinet, we bet you that you will name at least one painkiller in it. It is an usual sight to find an aspirin or combiflam in your medicine box. Similarly, it is quite regular that whenever you have a throbbing pain, you pop one of them. Though we agree, they give you relief instantly, but did you know the harmful effects they have in the long term? They can cause you serious medical conditions like liver damage or kidney problems.

We know pain is inevitable and to go on with our daily activities, we need something that will soothe the pain. But who said it is necessary to pop a pill? We bring you a list of natural painkillers that will work wonders for you, plus they are safe too.

  • White Willow


Acting as a natural painkiller, the bark of white willow has properties equivalent to that of aspirin. You can either chew the bark and swallow the juice or you can brew it into your tea. It works best when you are suffering from headache, muscle spasms and lower back pain.

  • Cherries


Who said painkillers have to be bitter in taste? Cherries don’t only have delicious flavours, but its anti-inflammatory properties make them great painkillers. Studies show that gout related pain can be relieved naturally by eating cherries.

  • Cloves


It is an old folklore that pain in the gums, toothache and gum bleeding is treated best with cloves. It has eugenol, a powerful ingredient with analgesic effect. It is released when you chew cloves. For those who hate the strong flavour and aroma of cloves, you can always make an herbal tea infused with cloves.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Experts suggest that one should consume at least 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil daily for better health. When you consume it raw, it not only relieves any pain in your body, but it also prevents it effectively. So, let your salads drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

  • Coconut oil


One more type of oil with anti-inflammatory properties is coconut oil. You can either consume it raw if you like the flavour or rub externally on the affected areas. It treats back and joint pain as well as boosts your immune system.


Free Medical Camp by Ayurvedic Village on Independence day


Our country celebrates 69th Independence day this Saturday. However, many people in our country are still struggling for access to basic health care. Due to certain circumstances, people tend to avoid to foster their well being while many don’t have the required measures or means to undergo even a basic health check-up that could reveal them about their physical state.

After many successful medical camps in the recent history, Ayurvedic Village is back with yet another one. The premium wellness centre believes in giving back to the society in whichever way they can. In the past, hundreds of people have been benefited with Ayurvedic Village’s free medical camps. Hence, on the occasion of Independence day, we are organizing a free blood sugar and blood pressure check-up drive on 15 and 16 August between 8 AM to 6 PM at our Sanpada therapy Centre.

The motive behind this initiative is to make people aware of their health and well being. Team of Doctors from Ayurvedic Village will be available for a free consultation, whereas if you feel the need to discuss about your existing health issues, you can take an appointment of the Chief Physician. The doctors will examine each patient individually, collect their records, health history and diagnose for any weakness or ailments.

Also, the camp looks forward to propagate the awareness of the benefits of Ayurveda among the masses. If needed, every patient will be educated about the science of Ayurveda and prescribed Ayurvedic treatments for their health issues. They aim to resolve general queries of the people regarding their ailments and how Ayurveda works wonders for it.

Monsoon is considered as an ideal time to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul through Ayurveda. During the rainy season, Ayurvedic Gurus encourage to eat Karkidaka Kanji which will be distributed freely to all who come to the camp. It works best for digestive system problems as it clears out all the accumulated toxins and brings the balance back into the doshas.

Therefore, we solemnly request you to attend this free medical camp and urge your friends and families to join in too.

Please find below the details of the camp.

Venue:  Ayurvedic Village Therapy Centre,
17/21, Shah Complex – III,
Palm Beach road, Sector – 13
Vashi – Sanpada, Navi Mumbai – 400705

Date: 15, 16 August 2015

Time: 8 AM – 6 PM

Call: 7506650605/7506650606/022-27814444/022-27815544

Website: www.ayurvedicvillage.com

Thyroid Alert!


Getting tired or stress is a common scene nowadays. However, if you find face-to-face with these troubles daily and struggle to get rid of them, then we suggest to get your thyroid levels checked. 50% of people who are suffering with thyroid don’t realize that they have it. Also, the stats suggest most of the thyroid patients are women.

Though a small gland in your neck, thyroid controls over a lot of things in your body. Hence it is extremely important that we don’t ignore the symptoms that could point us towards any thyroid related disorders – Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism or autoimmune thyroid diseases like Hasimoto’s disease and Graves disease.

So what are these alarming signs we are talking about?

  1. Fluctuating energy

So you feel your energy levels dropping more than the usual or you find yourself to be tired most of the time. Poor functioning thyroid is to be blamed. On the other hand, are you feeling pumped up for no reason? All these signs need immediate attention for thyroid testing.

  1. Weight woes

None of the diet works for you, neither do any form of exercise help to shed those extra pounds off your body. Thyroid dictates your weight and with a low functioning thyroid, all your efforts are bound to die in vain.

  1. Trouble with sleep

When your thyroid is poorly functioning, it is possible that you might sleep more than usual. Even after a long night’s sleep, you might still wake up tired or groggy. While hyperactive thyroid won’t let you sleep at all.

  1. Mood swings

When your body produces more thyroid hormones than regular, chances are high that you are always on your toes and even a slightest of reasons that fill you up with rage. On the other hand, lower levels of thyroid can make you feel sad and depressed at the drop of the hat.

  1. Change in appetite

When your brain and body works fine, it shows in your diet. However, when there is trouble with your health, your appetite drops. And when you don’t eat enough, your body feels worn out. This is a vicious cycle, you get stuck in with low functioning thyroid. And you are bound to crave more sweets to up your energy levels.

  1. Female reproductive system problems

Regularity of menstrual cycles, fertility and hormones are administrated by the thyroid. So if you are having irregular periods or finding difficulties in getting pregnant, make sure your thyroid levels are optimal.

  1. Irregular body temperature

Thyroid is considered to be the thermostat of your body. Hence, when it functions improperly, the immediate effect is seen on your temperature. Low thyroid means low body temperature, whereas over-functioning can rake up your temperature.

5 Warning signs of protein deficiency


Even though protein rich foods are widely available, some of us still tend to slip through the cracks. People whose diet isn’t rich in meat can be counted amongst them. Protein deficiency is something to take extremely seriously as its deficiency can lead to gallstones, arthritis, and muscle deterioration, as well as heart problems.

Here are a few signs that say that you are in desperate need of protein.

  • Puffed eyes

With less amount of protein in the body, it can lead to decreasing the amount of plasma protein. It can be caused by low amounts of iron in the body, leading to Anemia and a condition called Oedema. As a result, your eyes will start swelling.

  • Constant food cravings

Do you find yourself craving for burgers, chips, or pizza all the time? When your body doesn’t have the needed amount of protein to give you strength to go on with your daily activities, you feel the need to eat something. Hence you find yourself dragged to candies or chocolates or junk food.

  • Thinning hair

When your body is deficient of proteins, the first organs to suffer are your nails and hair. Though hair thinning can be a hereditary problem, protein deficiency can also trigger it. There is no protein for nourishment of hair and nails. Hence deeming to one of the important indicators for checking the same.

  • Frequent illness

Are you falling sick too many times all of sudden? If yes, then you should probably check your protein levels. It helps to build a strong immune system where red blood cells and white blood cells work together to ward off all the pathogens and bacteria in the body. It helps increase your resistance power against diseases.

  • Fatigue

Less amount of protein is equal to lowering glucose levels in the body. It helps stabilize the sugar and energy levels. If that is hampered, you feel tired and weak. Protein deficiency leads to muscle loss. When your diet is low on proteins, your body starts eating up the tissues to meet the requirements.