Ayurvedic Stress Management

Are You Suffering From Depression Try Ayurveda

Many people still have no idea that depression is not a low mood. It is not a sad feeling or a rough time, that one can just ‘get over it’. Depression is a serious illness that impacts both physical and mental health. Though the exact reason is still unknown, it can reduced that prolonged periods of difficulties are likely the cause…

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Healthy lifestyle

All you Need to know about Ayurveda Detoxification

Internal oleation The first step in detoxification is drinking ghee. Initially the first thing in the morning you are supposed to do is consume medicated ghee. Though it may sound unhealthy, but the lubrication of ghee pushes the toxins from the tissues towards the digestive tract. Further, using purgative herbs, they are eliminated from the system. Administration To alleviate the nasal…

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Health and Wellness

Free Medical Camp by Ayurvedic Village on Independence day

After many successful medical camps in the recent history, Ayurvedic Village is back with yet another one. The premium  Ayurvedic Wellness Centre believes in giving back to the society in whichever way they can. In the past, hundreds of people have been benefited with Ayurvedic Village’s free medical camps. Hence, on the occasion of Independence day, we are organizing a free…

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Authentic Therapies

Karkidaka Chikitsa Camp by Ayurvedic Village

Ayurvedic Village has taken the initiative to spread awareness about the Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments and therapies in Ayurveda through conducting medical camps all over the city. Recently to educate the people about the benefits of monsoon Ayurvedic treatments, we organized a free medical camp at our Sanpada centre in Navi Mumbai. According to Ayurveda, the Malayalam month of Karkidaka is time…

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