Recover Sports Injury with Ayurveda

Injury makes the comeback sweeter, make more sweeter with Ayurveda

In this present fast & hectic life, sports injuries are common in all people due to excessive stress & strain over the joints leading to wear & tear of the soft connective tissues.

The branch called Sports medicine is not described as such as in ancient & modern sciences.

But in Ayurveda there is lot of description as treatments about snayu marma & khandara marma (vital parts of the joints) are the soft tissues which supports/connects the joints. So according to Ayurveda injuries like bony injuries, tendon/ligament injuries, sprains, dislocations, subluxations etc, can be managed/ treated through proper Panchakarma along with Protection, Rest, Compression, Elevation, Medication, & Modalities of the affected/injured area.

Through Ayurveda, Panchakarma can alleviate pain, strengthens the joints, & improve joint functions.

Treatments Inclusion:

  1. Various types of Dharas – To heal the soft tissues.
  2. Various types of Bandage – To strengthen the joints & soft Tissues.
  3. Treatments like Shashtika Sali Pinda Swedam (SSPS) / Pizhichil – To rejuvenate the muscular & joints.
  4. Different types of Basthis – Colon therapy with prepared medicines to nourish the tissues internally.

So Get Well Soon – Stronger-Faster-Better

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