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Natural healing during Seasons

Shishira Ritu Healing

For good health, we must align our diet and lifestyle according to the rhythm of nature. According to Acharya Charak, author of the ancient Charak Samhita, all diseases are caused at the junction of two seasons. This makes it very important for us to take care of our body. Panchakarma and seasonal food with regular yoga will cleanse the body and mind.

After Hemanta (early winter) and shishira (main winter) comes Vasant (spring). And in between this transition from winter to spring is the period when we should take care of our body. In Hemanta, Vata in our body increases and in shishira Vata pacifies while Kapha starts building on which finally is at its peak in vasanta ritu (spring). During this change, our digestion is hampered and hence it is advisable to consume easily digestible oil-free food.

Exercise along with Mardana (deep tissue massage) is very favourable in this stage. Hot water should be used for consumption and for bathing. Udvartana (massage with powdered herbs) is a great treatment for this period. Honey, milk and pure butter are perfect for healing your health and beauty and restoring the glow that the winter snatched away from you. Avoid cold fluid. Avoid AC and direct exposure to the fan. Spicy food on the menu will help you in the coming month of February. Toor dal, moong dal, masoor dal etc are excellent for your body.

Nasya (instilling medicated oil/ghee in the nostrils) is a magical treatment that nurtures and nourishes your nervous system especially your brain cells while also protecting your ears, nose, throat, hair, skin etc. The nose is the direct gateway to your brain and entire head region which makes nasyam a very effective method of treatment in various diseases. During this transitional season, nasyam is ideal for the ailments we battle now, such as migraine, sinusitis and rhinitis to name a few.

We at AGNI want to spread awareness regarding the seasonal regime that one should follow for a healthy body, mind and soul. Here we are offering you our love and care so that we all can have a wonderful year ahead. Come join us at AGNI to heal and feel yourself.

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